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New school option for top students and elite athletes

Public school students in the tri-county area now have the opportunity to earn up to 60 hours of college credit with no cost to them or their families – and

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Kobrovsky sponsors Constitution essay contest

Charleston attorney Larry Kobrovsky is sponsoring prizes for the Moultrie News essay contest on the U.S. Constitution. The subject in this year’s contest is the 16th Amendment, which reads, “The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes

Superintendent’s evaluation procedures questionable

The results of Charleston County School District (CCSD) Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait’s evaluation were shared by the School Board at its meeting Monday. Postlewait’s overall rating for the evaluation was that she “met” expectations. There were 12 areas included in the

General Assembly law eases testing burden on schools

Charleston County School District (CCSD) Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait held listening sessions during the summer of 2017 for teachers, parents, students, administrators, and community members. One consistent complaint was there is too much standardized testing in schools. The answer given was

EdFirstSC backs Moffley’s claim against Superintendent

Education advocacy group EdFirstSC has filed a report with the South Carolina State Board of Education (SCBOE) alleging gross misconduct by Charleston County School District (CCSD) Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait. The report was submitted as evidence in support of former Charleston

Charter schools conference emphasizes innovation and improving lives

Innovation and improving the lives of students were among the items discussed at the Public Charter Alliance of South Carolina’s 17th annual conference Wednesday at the North Charleston Convention Center.  More than 350 participants from all parts of the state

Moffly files charges against Postlewait to the SC State Board of Education

On November 8, former Charleston County School Board member Elizabeth Moffly filed a formal complaint with the South Carolina State Board of Education against Charleston County School District Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait. Moffly cited several laws that she believes Postlewait violated.

CCSD fails to respond to FOIA requests

Patrick Hayes, a 5th grade Charleston County School District (CCSD) teacher and director of the education advocacy group EdFirstSC, has filed numerous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to obtain information from CCSD. None of the FOIA requests have been

Postlewait provides form for her own evaluation

The Charleston County School Board members were given an evaluation form entitled: Evidence-Based Leadership Responsibilities and Practices to evaluate the performance of Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait. The form was provided by the Superintendent, rather than being generated by the board itself.

CCSD students and teachers suffer due to teaching vacancies and lack of substitutes

Charleston County School District (CCSD) has about 55 teaching vacancies currently listed on its website. Lowcountry Source has been told by several beginning teachers that they will not apply to teach in CCSD because of its reputation in the local

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