Leftists disrespect Sen. Tim Scott in Mt. Pleasant

Leftists disrespect Sen. Tim Scott in Mt. Pleasant
February 19 18:28 2017 Print This Article

The left-leaning organization Indivisible Charleston turned out in large numbers for a Town Hall in Mt. Pleasant featuring Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Mark Sanford. A teacher from Burke High School in downtown Charleston criticized Sen. Scott for supporting the confirmation of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. She complained that Sen. Scott didn’t visit her school or ask her what she thought about Mrs. DeVos.

DeVos and Sen. Scott are committed to expanding parental choice in education. Burke and other inner-city schools have experienced decades of failing results. DeVos and Scott want to create a new model that operates outside of the education bureaucracy. A recent forum held at Royal Mission Baptist Church in North Charleston spotlighted charter schools in the worst neighborhoods in Chicago and Baltimore which achieved excellent results with creative leadership and innovation.

We need to stand with reformers like Sen. Scott who understand that the education bureaucracy spends more money than our international competitors and gets dismal results. All students should have a chance to obtain an education which gives them an opportunity to get a high-paying job and a chance to realize the American Dream.

Indivisible Charleston is part of the national network called Organizing For Action, which was created by former President Barack Obama.  The organization provides left-leaning activists with training manuals, which include tips about how to infiltrate Town Hall meetings, including arriving early and dispersing throughout the crowd.  The manuals contain handouts which include the words “agree” and “disagree” on alternate sides which the activists hold up when the elected officials answer questions.  The organization also provides members with sample questions and talking points to use at the meetings.