Trump Administration asks citizens to recommend government reforms

Trump Administration asks citizens to recommend government reforms
May 02 19:24 2017 Print This Article

On Mar. 13, President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order to make the federal government more efficient, effective and accountable to the people. Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney was tasked with coming up with a plan to re-organize the Executive Branch and eliminate unnecessary agencies. Director Mulvaney produced a video asking for citizen input in the process.

Included in the website is a form asking citizens to relate personal experiences with the federal government and providing management reform ideas, including those in the area of government purchasing procedures. Participants are asked to identify federal departments and agencies they would like to reform or eliminate.

Mulvaney’s video shows him standing in front of a mountain of paper representing new federal regulations added to the Federal Register during the past two years. He says, “President Trump calls it draining the swamp. What it really means is making the federal government more accountable to you, more effective and more efficient.”

Mulvaney adds, “Give us your ideas and help us fix your federal government so that it serves you and not the other way around.” Submissions to the website are due June 12.