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Chamber of Commerce urges Senate to increase gas tax

The Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce held a press conference Friday urging the State Senate to increase taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel to address problems with roads and bridges.

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Kobrovsky re-elected as Charleston County GOP Chair

Larry Kobrovsky was elected to a second term as the Chairman of the Charleston County Republican Party at the party’s bi-ennial County Convention at Orange Grove Charter School Thursday. He was unopposed. The other party officers elected were Maurice Washington,

Tecklenburg supports affordable housing mandates

Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg testified before a State Senate subcommittee in support of the South Carolina Inclusionary Zoning Act (S-346), legislation which would allow counties and municipalities to mandate that developers of five or more single or multi-family housing units

McCoy legislation battles James Island overdevelopment

James Islanders have had it with recent high density development such as The Standard apartments on Maybank Highway, The Core apartments being built next to the Standard, and the proposed 132-unit Central Park complex being built in the old Carmike

Former West Ashley School converting to an office complex

The former Albemarle Elementary School at 720 Magnolia Rd., built in 1957, is re-opening as an office complex called The School House. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held Wed. at 5 pm before the monthly West Ashley Revitalization Commission meeting.

Trump takes decisive action in Syria

While hosting Chinese President Xi Jinping at his Palm Beach, FL resort, President Donald Trump informed his guest that the United States was launching a missile strike at a Syrian air base in response to a Syrian government chemical weapons

Grooms: I-526 funding not in jeopardy

State Senator Larry Grooms, who chairs the Senate Transportation Committee, told a West Ashley Republican group this week at Easterby’s restaurant that the $420 Million allocated for the completion of I-526 cannot be unilaterally withdrawn by the State Transportation Infrastructure

18 of 27 Republicans oppose gas tax increase fast-track maneuver

In a measure favored by South Carolina Senate President Hugh Leatherman, 18 of the 27 Republicans who voted opposed moving the proposed fuels tax increase legislation (H-3516) to “special order” this week. Bills set on special order move to the

Residents concerned about flooding, traffic in proposed West Ashley Circle development

More than 100 residents, mostly from subdivisions along the flood-prone Church Creek Drainage Basin, attended a presentation by Rivers Enterprises about a proposed development outside  West Ashley Circle across Bees Ferry Rd.  from Walmart.  The development would include a 53,000

Trump sets out to nix climate change agenda

President Donald Trump signed an executive order to conduct an administrative review on the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan, which required electrical utility companies to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 32% from 2005 levels by 2030. CO2 is a

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