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Charleston County Parks seeking public input on Old Towne Creek Park

Next to Charles Towne Landing on 1400 Old Towne Road, West Ashley is Old Towne Creek County Park. Most people probably drive by and never notice the park. It is

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County Council needs to show infrastructure bank the money for I-526

The State Transportation Infrastructure Bank (STIB) met Thursday in Columbia to address the I-526 completion project. The STIB board went into executive session for hours and came out with the plan to resolve the issue at its next meeting. Lowcountry

Downtown bike rental market popular with tourists, MUSC

The Gotcha Bikes company launched its Holy Spokes bicycle rental business on May 30. The company enables people to use a cell phone app to rent its 250 bicycles set up along 26 stations on the Charleston peninsula. During the

West Ashley Circle Harris Teeter gets preliminary approval

The City of Charleston’s Design Review Board (DRB) granted preliminary approval to the retail project between West Ashley Circle and Grand Oaks Blvd. anchored by grocery chain Harris Teeter. The project was first placed on the DRB agenda in August

Critical meeting for I-526 set for July 20

The State Transportation Infrastructure Bank (STIB) meets Thurs., July 20 to discuss the future of the I-526 completion project. The project, estimated to cost $720 Million, would connect West Ashley with Johns Island and Johns Island with James Island. In

Is Personal Rapid Transit or podcars a solution to Charleston’s traffic?

The West Ashley Revitalization Commission (WARC) convened Wednesday to discuss transportation. With 50 people moving to Charleston a day, traffic congestion has become a serious problem in West Ashley. The Berkley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments (BCDCOG) presented a slide show on

West Ashley Commission disputes transportation issues

Members of the West Ashley Revitalization Commission (WARC), including Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg, had a vigorous debate on what role the Commission should take on transportation planning. Commissioner Morris Ellison made a motion to remove transportation as an element of

New West Ashley library getting off the ground

It has been nearly three years since Charleston County voters overwhelmingly approved a $108.5 Million bond referendum to build five new libraries and renovate 13 others. A schematic design has been produced for the new West Ashley library and a

We don’t have to build housing for 50 new residents a day

The big Chamber of Commerce slogan is that Charleston attracts 50 new residents a day and that we need to build new housing to accommodate them. That line of thinking gets passed on to almost all of our local elected

Ashleyville residents concerned about gentrification

Charleston developer Crescent Homes has purchased land along the Ashley River and plans to build 41 single-family homes in the $400,000 price range there. Many residents in the low-income and predominantly African-American neighborhood are concerned about the impact the project

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