City Council meets at Charles Towne Landing

City Council meets at Charles Towne Landing
January 24 19:25 2017 Print This Article

Charleston City Council held its January 24 meeting at Founder’s Hall in Charles Towne Landing. It was sparsely attended.

Mayor John Tecklenburg mentioned the recent groundbreaking of the Louis Waring Senior Center near St. Francis Hospital off of Glenn McConnell Parkway and Magwood Boulevard. The 16,000 square-foot facility will include exercise and art facilities, game rooms. meeting rooms and a cafe.

During the public comment period, Marc Knapp expressed concerns about the narrow streets in the housing area near West Ashley High School, noting that people are parking on both sides of the street and that a fire truck would have a difficult time passing through at night. The road design is similar to the roads found in Daniel Island and Mt. Pleasant’s I’on subdivision, which both have allies behind the homes for parking. The narrow roads are part of the New Urbanism style of planning, which assumes that people will use mass transit or pedestrian transportation rather than drive their cars.

West Ashley resident Craig Peterkin asked City Council to take a more serious approach to flooding mitigation. He commented that his Long Branch Creek neighborhood becomes “Lake Long Branch” whenever there is a rainstorm. He cautioned against further clearing of water-absorbing vegetation and paving in surrounding wetlands.