Trump dominates in Main Street USA

Trump dominates in Main Street USA
December 18 17:42 2016 Print This Article

The big divide in America is not along racial or economic lines. It is a divide between urban areas and suburbs and rural areas. Donald Trump won 2626 counties compared to 487 for Hillary Clinton – a whopping 84%.  Clinton’s only stronghold was in America’s large cities.

Even in the state of New York, which Clinton once represented in the U.S. Senate, Trump won 46 of 62 counties. Clinton’s margin of victory in New York City’s five counties was more than two million votes, which enabled her to win that state.

Clinton’s 72,000 margin in Colorado was propelled by a 130,000 vote edge in Denver County. In Minnesota, Clinton won by only 44,000 votes by winning Minneapolis by 237,000 votes. Clinton also dominated the Virginia counties surrounding Washington, DC with large concentrations of federal employees and contractors.

Trump has a chance to completely change the electoral equation with his plans to revitalize the inner cities, which mostly have high levels of poverty and crime and failing schools. Trump has advocated for expanded school choice options, which will give parents the option to get their children out of the bureaucratic school systems by receiving private school vouchers or entering independently-run public charter schools. He has also spoke about economic revitalization in urban areas.