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Editor John Steinberger is a navy veteran, former teacher and longtime political activist. His Lowcountry Watchdog commentaries are designed to advocate for the average lowcountry citizen whose views are often ignored by local government and media. To discuss a topic of interest with John, email him at john@lowcountrysource.com.


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Should there be a park at “The Pig”?

Rumors are swirling that the City of Charleston is interested in purchasing the property formerly occupied by Piggly Wiggly at “suicide merge” at Sam Rittenberg Blvd. and Old Towne Rd. and converting the 2.5 acre parcel into a park. Faison

McCoy legislation battles James Island overdevelopment

James Islanders have had it with recent high density development such as The Standard apartments on Maybank Highway, The Core apartments being built next to the Standard, and the proposed 132-unit Central Park complex being built in the old Carmike

Trump can be the President who ended the income tax

During President Donald Trump’s inaugural address, he said, “Don’t let the Washington politicians ever tell you that something can’t be done. I refuse to accept that!” Now he has a chance to prove it by calling for a landmark overhaul

Media filter – how news outlets can report events completely differently

There is a wide variation on how local news outlets cover stories.  The Tues. Charleston City Council meeting at the James Island Recreation Center provides a great example of that.  A capacity crowd was filled with people from the group

Charleston County School Board members deserve raise

The Post and Courier newspaper ran a front-page story Sunday about the Horry County School Board voting itself a pay raise of $6400 per year, making it the state’s highest paid school board at $16,000 per year. The news report

Do we want to “retrofit suburbia”?

At the March meeting of the West Ashley Revitalization Commission (WARC), Dover Kohl planning consultant Emily Glavey posted the goals sought by the City of Charleston in developing the West Ashley Master Plan. Among them included the term “retrofitting suburbia”,

Sanford takes lead on Obamacare replacement

  Rep. Mark Sanford recently became the lead sponsor on the Obamacare Replacement Act (HR-1072). He did a press conference with Sen. Rand Paul, who released a similar bill in the Senate (S-222) to replace the existing Affordable Care and

Leftists follow manual to oppose Trump agenda

Followers of former President Barack Obama are using a training manual developed by the group Organizing for Action to disrupt town hall meetings hosted by Republican members of Congress. The manual states, “The goal is to make Republicans, even from

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