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Editor John Steinberger is a navy veteran, former teacher and longtime political activist. His Lowcountry Watchdog commentaries are designed to advocate for the average lowcountry citizen whose views are often ignored by local government and media. To discuss a topic of interest with John, email him at john@lowcountrysource.colophondev5.com.


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Hundreds of students left behind in reading intervention program

Charleston County School District (CCSD) implemented a comprehensive literacy program in January 2010 after the Post and Courier published an article stating that one in five 9th graders were reading below the 4th grade level. Implementing this literacy program was

Coastal elected officials use fear rhetoric to frame drilling issue

Charleston-area elected officials used the rhetoric of fear at a committee hearing on offshore drilling at the South Carolina House of Representatives last week. Folly Beach Mayor Tim Godwin asked the bi-partisan ad-hoc committee, “What city, what beach, what town

Vocal minorities often shape public policy

  Vocal and well-funded advocacy groups have a lot of influence on public policy at the local, state and national levels. They often have a small number of advocates for their issues, but they create the image of overwhelming support.

Principal shuffle creates chaos at Chicora

Lowcountry Source reported on June 25 that 19 out of the 80 schools in Charleston County School District (CCSD) would begin the 2017-2018 school year with a new principal. One of the principals moved in the principal shuffle was Shavonna

Media misleads the public on tax cut plan

The (Charleston) Post and Courier ran a misleading headline on a Washington Post story on Thanksgiving Day, “Teachers would be hurt by tax plan.” The focus of the Washington Post article was that teachers would lose a $250 deduction for

The true story of Thanksgiving

Most people learn in school that the Pilgrims came to the New World to pursue religious liberty, which they were denied in England. Few of us are taught the purpose and meaning of the first Thanksgiving. Radio talkshow host Rush

Griffin best choice to tackle flooding issue in District 10

Lowcountry Source endorses Harry Griffin in the 3-way race for Charleston City Council District 10. The district, which includes the neighborhoods from Pierpont to MacLaura Hall on the east side of Ashley River Road and Village Green, Shadowmoss, Hickory Hill,

Protestant Reformation reshaped Western Civilization

Today marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, launched by pastor Martin Luther’s publication of 95 Theses and his sermon on Indulgances and Grace. ¬†Luther was protesting the practice by Pope Leo X of selling “indulgences” to fund the

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