Misconceptions about Trump

Misconceptions about Trump
December 09 13:45 2016 Print This Article

Lowcountry WatchdogThe election is over, and we will have an orderly, peaceful transition of power on January 20 as America has had ever since John Adams succeeded George Washington in 1797. Hopefully, the rioting in our major cities will cease, and America will come together. We can continue to debate what policies are best for our country.

While I completely understand disagreements about policy, I want to dispute some common misconceptions about President-elect Donald Trump, many of which were perpetuated by his primary rivals and the Republican elites, who don’t like the reality that Trump will disrupt the status quo.

I was listening to a national talk radio show with former one-term Republican Congressman John LeBoutilllier as a guest. LeBoutillier appears on a Fox News weekend show called The Insiders, which also features Charleston native Pat Caddell. He frequently showed his total disdain for Donald Trump on the program.

LeBoutillier told the radio host several things about Trump that were not true. First, he said that Trump thinks Russian President Vladimir Putin is a great guy. What Trump has said is that Putin is a strong leader and that America should work with Russia to defeat ISIS. He also claimed Trump said wants America to leave the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Trump has stated that the other NATO countries aren’t doing enough to sustain their military forces and that America is asked to do too much.

Here are some other misconceptions about Donald Trump:

Trump wants to engage in trade wars. A lot of globalists from both parties favor the multi-national corporations who benefit from our trade deals at the expense of smaller American manufacturers. More than 70,000 American factories have closed since America entered the World Trade Organization (WTO). Trump wants to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other multi-lateral trade deals to so America manufacturers can be more competitive.

Trump wants to impose a 45% tariff on all imports. He has said tariffs should be used as a bargaining chip if our trade partners are manipulating their currencies or dumping raw materials for the purpose of harming American producers. For example, Century Aluminum in Goose Creek has suffered because China has manipulated the world price of the metal. Trump wants bi-lateral trade agreements in which we can negotiate directly with our trading partners.

Trump dishonored Sen. John McCain’s military service.  Trump was in a focus group with pollster Frank Luntz discussing our failed Veterans Administration (VA). When Luntz brought up Sen. McCain, Trump replied than McCain has been in Congress for decades and has done nothing to hold the VA accountable. Luntz exploded at him and said he was disrespecting a war hero. Trump has made reforming the VA one of his top priorities and will not settle for the status quo. Expect a lot of incompetent or corrupt VA managers to be fired.

Trump mocked a disabled reporter. One of Trump’s trademarks has been going after the media for false or misleading reporting. He singled out New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski, who has a neurological condition called arthrogryposis, which limits his arm motion. Kovaleski speaks with his arms at his sides. Trump went after some inaccurate statements written by Kovaleski and flailed his arms, a gesture he often uses when criticizing someone. Trump used the gesture during the same appearance when attacking a General for making ISIS sound like a military powerhouse.

Trump discriminates against women and minorities. Trump picked Kellyanne Conway to guide his campaign to victory. She was the first woman to manage a major party Presidential campaign. He has a history of hiring and promoting women to top executive positions in his businesses. The same can be said of minorities. He has been clear that the condition in our inner cities must be improved.

President-elect Donald Trump will take office with the intention of transforming our federal government. He said in his victory speech, “When Washington politicians say, ‘this can’t be done’, I find that unacceptable.”

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