The political elites don’t understand Trump

January 15 16:57 2017 Print This Article

President-elect Donald Trump just found himself in another media firestorm just days before taking office. Georgia U.S. Representative John Lewis, an activist in the 1960s civil rights movement, stated on national television that he would not attend the January 20 inauguration because he didn’t think Trump was a legitimate President. The President-elect fired back on the Twitter account @realDonaldTrump that Lewis should focus on improving conditions in his high-poverty, high-crime Atlanta district.

The media narrative from this exchange was that Trump was attacking a civil rights hero. The reality is that Trump isn’t willing to settle the poor conditions in our inner cities. He wants Rep. Lewis and others who represent inner-city Congressional districts to support his agenda for more school choice opportunities and crime-prevention measures to increase the economic opportunities in America’s poorest communities.

The media firestorm is similar to the one which followed Trump’s criticism of Senator John McCain of Arizona for doing nothing to improve the Veterans Administration (VA) after decades in Congress. The remarks were uttered in a forum with pollster Frank Luntz in 2015. When Trump criticized McCain’s record on the VA, Luntz went after him with the remark, “He’s a war hero!” While McCain did serve in Vietnam operations and spent years in a Prisoner of War camp after the North Vietnamese shot down his plane, Trump was focused on his record in Congress, specifically the failure to reform the VA.

The elites in both parties and the media don’t understand Donald Trump. He doesn’t follow the modern day conventions of political-correctness. He didn’t go after Lewis for his civil rights record and didn’t go after McCain for his military record. He went after both for not solving long-standing problems as members of Congress.

Trump has said from the beginning of his successful campaign that politicians are all talk and no action. He ran for the highest office in the land to solve problems and make lives better for all Americans. The fact that Trump was elected shows that Americans are more concerned with results than being politically correct.