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Are we safer after 9/11?

Most adults can remember where they were and what they were doing when Al Quaeda terrorist crews seized commercial aircraft and flew them into American landmarks and killed 3000 people

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Lottery is predatory to the poor ?

The key issue in the 1998 South Carolina Governor’s race was whether to implement a state lottery. Republican incumbent David Beasley was against the lottery, and Democrat challenger Jim Hodges

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Post and Courier shills for unpopular bike lane

The Post and Courier is using bullying tactics to try to dissuade Charleston County Council members from defunding the unpopular Charleston City Council plan to use county transportation sales tax

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Local government embracing “green” agenda

The sales tax increase referendum which will appear on the November 8 ballot reflects the “green” agenda, with $600 million slated for mass transit and more than $200 million for

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West Ashley Circle – The road to nowhere

When I first heard about the proposed West Ashley Circle in 2014, it was promoted as a means to improve traffic flow along the intersection of Glenn McConnell Pkwy and

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Stop the big apartment complexes

Urban planners in Charleston County are pushing the “sustainable development” agenda, which calls for large apartment complexes combined with retail space in our suburban communities.  These “mixed-use” developments are given

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