Chaos in West Ashley School Board ?

Chaos in West Ashley School Board ?
September 06 14:38 2016 Print This Article

The District 10 constituent school board, which oversees the West Ashley public schools, has been thrown into turmoil. Chairwoman Tamara Avery missed the board’s September 1 meeting and later lashed out at the other board members for voting 4-0 in favor of rebuilding aging Stono Park Elementary School. Avery also announced her resignation in an emotional Facebook rant.

The proposal to rebuild Stono Park will be presented to the Charleston County School Board’s Audit and Finance Committee Monday, September 12. The schools was slated for rebuilding in the 2010 capital projects sales tax referendum approved by voters. It has since been designated by school district officials for renovation. The school’s more than 300 students are currently utilizing the former St. Andrews High School campus.

Avery lashed out at a group of parents and community activists who advocated for rebuilding Stono Park on her District 10 Facebook page. She wrote, “So congrats to the women (and you know who you are) who champion a new Stono Park yet never intend to have your children attend. (You) just want to revitalize your neighborhood, increase your property values, and push out the middle class.

Among the tasks the District 10 school board faces is re-drawing the attendance lines for six elementary schools and two middle schools. The 4-0 vote called for building a new Stono Park with a capacity for 500 students, so its attendance lines would have to be expanded. That would ease the overcrowding at other West Ashley elementary schools.

Stono Park is currently classified as a Title 1 school, meaning that more than 70% of its students qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches. Stono Park test scores exceed the average test scores for other Title 1 schools.