A confident John Warren makes closing arguments

A confident John Warren makes closing arguments
June 25 13:09 2018 Print This Article

John Warren is sweeping through the state on a five-stop tour to make his closing arguments Monday on the eve of his runoff election against Governor Henry McMaster. Accompanied by his wife Courtney, who was once a policy writer for President George W. Bush, Warren expressed a sense of confidence at the Daniel Island stop and called the runoff “a referendum on Henry Mc Master’s failed leadership.” Warren said, “Our supporters are motivated and ready for dynamic conservative leadership.”

Warren wants to change the culture in the 16 (out of 110) state agencies controlled by the Governor’s office. He said, “People are tired of the corruption and lack of accountability. Government should be about customer service to the taxpayer.” Warren cites his leadership on the battlefield as a decorated Marine combat veteran and his success as a business owner who founded Lima One Capital as attributes which will enable him to turn the government agencies around.

As an example of government failure, Warren cited the public education system, in which more than $13,000 is spent per student per year; yet, student performance is almost the worst in the country. He said less than 50% of school spending actually reaches the classroom. Warren’s goal is to get more than 70% of school spending into the classrooms, with less bureaucracy, higher teacher pay and smaller class sizes. He also wants parents to have more school choice opportunities.

Using the same “drain the swamp” language that President Donald Trump used during his campaign, Warren said he and running mate Pat McKinney “have the courage to take on the career politicians, the lobbyists and the special interests. I don’t think Columbia knows what it is in for!”

The polls are open Tuesday from 7 am to 7 pm. Anyone who did not vote in the June 12 Democrat primary is eligible to vote in the Republican runoff for Governor and Attorney General.