Americans have been mal-educated for decades

Americans have been mal-educated for decades
October 28 14:40 2019 Print This Article

Basketball star LeBron James recently criticized the Houston Rockets’ General Manager for sending out a tweet favorable to the freedom fighters in Hong Kong. Talk radio Rush Limbaugh host chalked it up to mal-education in American schools. Students are not being taught about the horrors of communism. A recent survey by the non-profit group Victims of Communism was reported in the Daily Caller. The survey of 2100 millennials (adults 37 or younger) revealed that 70% are likely to vote “socialist” and one-third has a favorable impression of communism.

In the Common Core history curriculum used by most American K-12 public schools, there is very little information given about the nature of communism. Students are not informed about the tens of millions of people murdered under the regimes of Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and other communist dictators. It is popular among millennials to wear t-shirts with the image of Che Guevara, who carried out the round-up and murder of millions of Cubans during the Fidel Castro Revolution. They also don’t learn that dictators like Castro and Venezuela’s Yugo Chavez died as billionaires after stealing wealth from their citizens. They aren’t being taught that totalitarian regimes alway restrict free speech and a free press.

Does LeBron James and others his age understand that America’s free-enterprise system is what allows them to earn considerable wealth? They probably never read the term American Exceptionalism in their textbooks. America has far more millionaires than any other country, many of whom came from humble origins and invented something or launched a successful business. Rather than learning about entrepreneurship and the value of investing, America’s K-12 students are indoctrinated about class envy and the re-distribution of wealth.

There is also a lack of knowledge about the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. How many millennials understand that the Bill of Rights was ratified to restrict the power of government over the people? Do they even know the high threshold for amending the Constitution? A large number of Americans, including many 2020 Presidential candidates, don’t appear to understand the reason the electoral college was established for the election of a President or that eliminating it would require a constitutional amendment.

I speak frequently with parents who are horrified by things their children are being taught in the classroom or reading in their textbooks. Anti-American value statements even appear in science textbooks, math workbooks, and writing lessons. Some have strained their finances to enroll their children in private schools that share their values, while others have opted to home school. Those who don’t have those options spend hours each week “de-programming” their children. Clearly, we have a crisis in American education. The Common Core curriculum must go. A wide cross-section of parents should have input into textbook adoption. Hopefully, President Donald Trump will make education reform a focus in the 2020 campaign. America’s future depends upon it!