Baseball franchise mocks Tebow’s faith

Baseball franchise mocks Tebow’s faith
June 19 10:27 2017 Print This Article

Former NFL quarterback and current Columbia Fireflies minor league outfielder Tim Tebow played a three-game weekend series against the Charleston Riverdogs, attracting more than 21,000 fans. The Riverdogs management took several jabs at Tebow’s strong Christian faith by playing the Hallelujah Chorus before each at-bat during Friday night’s game. The Riverdogs mascot wore eyeblack enscribed with Tebow’s favorite Bible verse, John 3:16. The practice was discontinued for the Saturday and Sunday games due to fan outcry.

The Charleston media did not reveal the antics displayed by the franchise, probably because the Riverdogs are a major advertiser. Riverdogs President Dave Echols, who has been with the franchise since 2004, told the Post and Courier newspaper, “(Tim Tebow has) certainly added a couple of thousand people here for us. We’ve had a little fun at his expense, and he has played along with it, so it’s been a win-win for us.”

Charleston media personality Rocky D attended the games on Friday and Sunday. He said the fans started getting annoyed the second time the Hallelujah Chorus was played, noting that “Charlestonians don’t appreciate that kind of behavior.”

Rocky D also opined that most fans were there to root for Tebow. “They wanted to see him hit a home run,” he said. The Charleston Gator Club, which congregates at Parson Jack’s Café to watch University of Florida sports, was at the ballpark in large numbers. Tebow won two national championships as the Florida quarterback and won the prestigious Heisman Trophy.

The 29-year-old Tebow is a role model among professional athletes. He spent hours signing autographs during the weekend and posed for pictures. Between innings, he stood on the top step of the dugout so the fans could see him. He is under contract to resume his role as an ESPN commentator for Southeastern Conference football games. It is the shame that the Riverdogs management didn’t show him the same respect that he showed for their fans.