Bicycle bridge contingent on $12 Million federal grant

Bicycle bridge contingent on $12 Million federal grant
October 11 16:21 2017 Print This Article

Charleston City Council voted to commit $1.5 Million toward a stand-alone bicycle and pedestrian bridge which would connect West Ashley and downtown. Charleston County earlier committed $3 Million to the $18 Million project. The project is contingent on a $12 Million federal Department of Transportation “TIGER” grant.

The grant will be submitted by the City of Charleston’s Department of Traffic and Transportation (October 16 is the deadline). Charleston is competing for $12 Million of the $500 Million program, which is intended to “fund innovative projects that will improve the safety of America’s passengers and goods. Read about the TIGER grant program here:

Representative Mark Sanford is sponsoring legislation which would stop allowing federal highway funding for pedestrian and mass transit projects.  His Highway Restoration Act of 2017 (HR-2391) is intended to preserve the Highway Trust Fund, which has run significant annual deficits in recent years.  The current $51.9 Billion budget allocates $7.7 Billion for non-highway projects.  The trust fund was specifically created to “authorize appropriations for the continuing construction of highways.”  The mass transit funding disproportionately goes to large metropolitan areas.  The Sanford bill would phase out the mass transit funding over five years.


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  1. October 12, 09:58 #1 Nancy Guerry

    If I am reading this right that is a commitment of $4.5 million of our tax payer money. With traffic issues and flooding issues I cannot endorse spending ANY money on the bicycle lane. I have nothing against cyclist, indeed I used to be one, however, in a democracy, I believe the majority rule. The needs of many should supersede the needs of few. Just a look at traffic congestion on all major roads and the flooding of several of my neighbors’ homes tells me the city/county needs to adjust its priorities.
    Additionally, I wonder how many of the commuter cyclist realize the danger to their health from breathing the heavy fumes from the cars they are riding alongside.

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