Charleston County legislators concerned about CCSD policy changes

Charleston County legislators concerned about CCSD policy changes
November 04 14:44 2019 Print This Article

Responding to constituent concerns over potential Charleston County School District (CCSD) policy changes, the Charleston County Legislative Delegation sent a letter to Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait and the Charleston County School Board requesting a delay in making any changes until it reveals all proposed changes to legislators and meets with them. The letter was signed by 21 of 22 delegation members, consisting of eight Senators and 14 Representatives. The legislative delegation includes every legislator who represents Charleston County voters.

There has been talk about CCSD consolidating schools, closing schools, and making changes to the school choice system for the 2020-2021 school year. The letter read, “There is a great deal of confusion, anger, and disagreement being expressed to members of the Legislative Delegation about discussed changes to magnet schools across Charleston County. The Delegation members have great respect for your intentions and for your expertise, but no matter how good your proposals may be, you will not succeed without the trust and support of the public who pay the bills and whose children we are charged with providing a first class education.”

The letter concluded, “We do not make this request lightly, but in all honesty, there is more confusion and concern being expressed about these proposals and the direction of the public schools than in any time in recent memory.” Not cited in the letter was discussion about turning over 13 schools with more than 6300 students to non-profit management entities.

Postlewait’s contract expires on November 16. If her contract is not taken up at the board’s November 11 meeting, she automatically gets a one-year extension. She has been in her current position since 2015.