Church Creek park proposal put on hold

Church Creek park proposal put on hold
March 04 14:55 2020 Print This Article

A subcommittee of the Charleston County Greenbelt Advisory Board recommended against a $3.1 million grant proposal by St. Andrews Parks and Playground Commission to build a four acre park at the former Church Creek Plaza site Wednesday. The subcommittee wanted to see park funding leveraged by FEMA flood mitigation funds or some other source. A revised application will be reviewed in September.

The first phase of the park project would be to bust up and remove the concrete that covers the vacant property. The vision is for a passive park, with a walking trail, a picnic area and small playground, green space, and possibly a pond to assist with water storage, a key recommendation for the Church Creek drainage basin in the 2019 Dutch Dialogues study. A half- acre section of the parcel would be set aside for a new St. Andrews Public Service District fire station. The station would provide public restrooms for people using the park and provide a public safety presence.

Charleston City Councilman Harry Griffin spoke in favor of the park. He noted that the land would probably otherwise be used for apartments, which would create more traffic congestion on Ashley River Road. He also cited that the project represented a needed drainage improvement for Church Creek and that the green space would upgrade the appearance of the area. Currently, there are usually truck rigs parked on the asphalt and weed overgrowth.

The Greenbelt funds are a component of the Charleston County transportation sales tax. Any recommendations from the advisory board may be approved or rejected by Charleston County Council. The fund will support $210 million in conservation projects over 25 years.