Clean Cans gets the stink out of trash cans

Clean Cans gets the stink out of trash cans
August 14 13:51 2019 Print This Article

Clean Cans is a business that sanitizes trash cans, recycling bins, and other large containers. Charleston native Katherine Roper owns the business, services which customers in the Lowcountry. She offers plans to clean up to two cans monthly, every two months, quarterly or one-time service.

The system works by a lift which inverts the can and suspends it above a nozzle that sprays near-boiling water at 3500 pounds per square inch (psi). All of the effluent from the can is collected by the service truck. The can is then wiped clean inside and outside and a deodorant is sprayed in the cleaned can. Katherine e-mails you before-and-after pictures.

Among the health benefits of getting your can sanitized is that it eliminates harmful bacteria, mold or maggots which can infest a dirty can. It is also nice to have a trash can that smells good. You can set up service by e-mailing Katherine at or calling 843-224-0280. Your sanitation workers will appreciate it!

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