Climate change agenda hampers UK standard of living

by John Steinberger | July 5, 2019 3:59 pm

We recently returned home from a two-week tour of Scotland and Ireland and noticed that BBC and local television stations had news content about climate change on a daily basis. The Conservative Party candidates for Prime Minister were trying to outdo one another on their plans for “net-zero carbon emissions.” The insistence on reducing national carbon dioxide emissions has resulted in much higher prices for electricity, heating oil and motor fuels for UK citizens.

The European Union (EU), in fact, mandates electricity rate increases, averaging about 10% per year. That is a major reason why UK voters approved a referendum to exit the EU in 2016 (the initiative is known as Brexit). The Brexit Party is now a major force in UK politics. Party leader Nigel Farage cites the climate change agenda as a major drain on the UK economy, resulting in the closure of aluminum smelters, steel mills and oil refineries. Coal-fired electric plants are being replaced by more expensive wind turbines, a fixture of the UK landscape. The fuels tax in the UK, driven by the climate change agenda, averages more than $3 per gallon. By contrast, the federal tax on American gasoline has remained 18.4 cents per gallon since 1993.

Carbon dioxide[1] (CO2) makes up about 0.04% of earth’s atmosphere, and human activity accounts for only about 3% of that tiny concentration. There is no empirical data which indicates that restricting human CO2 emissions would do anything to reduce global temperatures, which have remained flat since 1999, according to satellite data. Following the path taken by the EU and the UK would lower America’s standard of living and crush our economy.

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