Cunningham claims military aid was withheld from Ukraine

by John Steinberger | January 11, 2020 1:14 pm

Representative Joe Cunningham (D-SC) claims that he voted to impeach President Donald Trump because he withheld military aid to Ukraine. Cunningham was speaking to an overflow crowd of more than 200 Saturday at the Charleston County Main Library. While the aid package was reviewed by the State Department, Ukraine did receive a shipment of American Javelin[1] anti-tank missiles. The missiles are intended to protect Ukraine from a potential land attack by Russia.

Cunningham responded to written questions selected at random in a Town Hall format. He also spoke on the issue of climate change, citing that it is responsible for frequent flooding in downtown Charleston. He said, “The climate is changing, humans are responsible for it, and we need to do something about it.” He said he does not support the Green New Deal being touted by several Democrat Presidential candidates but does favor tax credits for renewable energy sources.

Other issues covered by Cunningham during the one-hour event were offshore drilling, sanctuary cities, the War Powers Act, term limits, abortion, prescription drug prices, veterans care and tariffs. He also discussed his relationships with House Republicans and his work on the Natural Resources and Veterans Affairs committees.

In 2018, Cunningham became the first Democrat in 40 years to win South Carolina’s coastal 1st Congressional District. Trump won the district by 13 points in 2016. Five Republicans have declared their candidacy to oppose Cunningham in 2020. They will face off in a June 9 primary.

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