Dutch Dialogues flood mitigation team visits West Ashley

by John Steinberger | July 14, 2019 12:37 pm

The Dutch Dialogues [1]flood mitigation team is holding a presentation Monday at 6:30 pm at Crosstowne Church, 1941 Bees Ferry Road in West Ashley. The Church Creek drainage basin is one of four focus areas for the 30-member team of water management experts. The study is being funded by the Historic Charleston Foundation and the City of Charleston.

The focus of the study is to develop an integrated approach to stormwater management. The team, guided by the New Orleans firm Waggoner & Ball, has previously studied the drainage systems in flood-plagued New Orleans and Hampton Roads, Virginia. New Orleans appears to have fared well in the aftermath of Hurricane Barry.

Crosstowne Church[2], which has sustained multiple major flooding events since 2015, is also the host site for the Charleston City Council meeting Tuesday, scheduled to begin at 5 pm. The meeting will be preceded by the city council Public Works and Utilities committee at 2 pm and the Ways and Means committee at 4:30. It is the first time since February 2018 that city council has met in West Ashley.

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