Few good neighborhood schools exist outside of Mt. Pleasant

by John Steinberger | September 9, 2018 12:30 pm

The Post and Courier newspaper ran a story Sunday about a family which resides in downtown Charleston that is suing Charleston County School District (CCSD) in state circuit court for denying its five-year-old daughter’s enrollment in kindergarten at Mt. Pleasant Academy. The couple owns a house in the Mt. Pleasant Academy attendance zone in the Old Village neighborhood. An examination of the SC Ready test scores[1]¬†from the 2017-2018 school year reveal that there are only five neighborhood schools in CCSD outside of East Cooper which have more than half of their students scoring at or above grade level in English and math. Lowcountry Source was unable to find the Post and Courier’s report on its website.

The family filing the lawsuit is zoned for the Memminger Elementary attendance area in downtown Charleston. The SC Ready scores for Memminger 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students show that only 2.7% to 29.2% of the students performed at or above grade level in English and math. By contrast, the numbers at Mt. Pleasant Academy ranged from 74.2% to 86.2%. The newspaper story quoted Charleston County School Board Chairwoman Kate Darby as responding to the plaintiff’s attorney, “Your client should enroll their (sic) child in their home school (Memminger).”

The pure neighborhood schools outside of East Cooper which have more than half of their students performing at or above grade level are Camp Road Middle, Harbor View Elementary, James Island Elementary, and Stiles Point Elementary on James Island and Drayton Hall Elementary in West Ashley. There are eight partial magnet, magnet and charter schools outside of East Cooper which met that performance standard.

  1. test scores: https://ed.sc.gov/data/test-scores/state-assessments/sc-ready/2018/district-ready/?ID=1001

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