Flip Gym part of the transformation of Citadel Mall

Flip Gym part of the transformation of Citadel Mall
November 14 13:39 2017 Print This Article

Flip Gym, a West Ashley gymnastics, tumbling and cheerleading studio, is another piece in the transformation of Citadel Mall. MUSC recently announced that it is setting up an outpatient care clinic in the former JC Penney space. While malls around the country are dying, West Ashley’s mall is gradually replacing retail space with services.

Halle McComb, Flip Gym owner and head gymnastics coach for the “gym dogs” traveling team, is thrilled about the new location.  “It’s very exciting to be a part of this movement (mall transformation),” she said.  Flip Gym will move into a 11,000 square foot space near Dillard’s starting in early January.   It will move all of its gymnastics facilities to the mall while maintaining its studio at 1012 St. Andrews Boulevard, which will teach cheerleading and tumbling.  The studio is currently enrolling new students for its winter program:  https://www.flipgym.net

Citadel Mall’s principal owner Richard Davis of Trademark Properties is planning to build an events center between Belk and Dillard’s, which will create opportunities for more South Carolina girls to participate in gymnastics and cheerleading competitions.  The closest major events center is now located in Charlotte, more than three hours from Charleston.  Participating in weekend competitions can cost a family more than $1000.  Having the facility at Citadel Mall will make competitions much more convenient and affordable.  “We really have a need for that,” McComb said.  “So many events have been turned down in the Charleston area because we didn’t have a facility with enough capacity.”  She also noted that the local venue will enable more friends and relatives to watch the girls compete.  It could attract thousands of visitors almost every weekend, a real plus for the local economy.  The space can be adapted for other events, such as basketball, volleyball, competitive dance and conferences.

Flip Gym has eight competitive All-Star cheerleading squads.  On Sunday evening, the Wolfpack cheer team will put on a performance on the Trademark Properties basketball floor at Citadel Mall’s Center Court.  People wishing to attend are asked to enter through the former JC Penney entrance, beginning at 6 pm.  Flip gym staff will hand out brochures and videos from the studio will be on display at the Center Court movie screen.