Garrett faculty told that the school is closing in 2020

Garrett faculty told that the school is closing in 2020
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Lowcountry Source has learned that a Charleston County School District (CCSD) official told Garrett Academy of Technology faculty members last week that the school would be closing at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. The teachers were advised to apply for other jobs. Garrett became a countywide magnet school for vocational training in the mid-1990s. The school initially had 17 career offerings and an enrollment of more than 700 students. The career programs have been cut in recent years, and the enrollment has declined. The Charleston County School Board has not yet voted to close Garrett.

The Garrett faculty was also told that none of the existing career programs at the school will be continued at the $42.7 million North Charleston career school scheduled to open in August 2020. The school is slated to be built across the street from North Charleston High School at the existing football stadium and will serve all of the North Area high schools. CCSD has not yet listed the career offerings that will be provided or the cost to staff the career school faculty.

Most Garrett students live in the North Charleston High School attendance area. If the school is closed, students enrolled there at the end of the 2019-2020 school year would be transferred to their home schools. Business partnerships and internship opportunities have declined at Garrett in recent years at a time when local contractors are struggling to find workers. The Dorchester County Career School places 75% of its students in apprenticeships and has business partners in each of its 18 career programs. Rumors are swirling that a real estate developer wants to build apartments on the current Garrett facility.

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  1. November 09, 21:42 #1 Lee Ann Schaffer

    Tears, idle tears/for the days that are no more. (Tennyson)

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  2. November 10, 08:26 #2 Pam Ridgway

    I always thought that schools cared about the loyalty of their teachers. There are many teachers who have supported Garrett for years and this is how they are treated? Just find another job? Especially the CTE (technical teachers, the ones who didn’t spend years in college supporting the “education system”), the CTE teachers who would have been making a lot more money out in their own fields who instead chose to teach.
    So now they are just told to find another job. Inexcusable!

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