Griffin prevails on ordinance to ban fill and build development

by John Steinberger | October 9, 2019 1:48 pm

Inspired by the cautions against fill and build development in the recently completed Dutch Dialogues Charleston[1] water management study, Charleston City Councilman Harry Griffin introduced a City Council agenda item to get city legal staff to draft an ordinance to ban fill and build citywide. Griffin addressed City Council at its Tuesday meeting and said, “This document (the Dutch Dialogues study) cost Charleston a lot of money, but it will save lives. It will make us safer.”

After more than an hour of discussion, City Council voted unanimously to request that Charleston’s legal staff prepare an ordinance to regulate fill and build development based on the guidance provided in the 250-page Dutch Dialogues study. The document cost the city and several non-profit organizations more than $800,000. Before City Council took up Griffin’s agenda item, numerous residents spoke out during the public comment period about the harmful effects fill and build development has had on their homes and their neighborhoods. A Johns Island resident said he can’t even get out of his driveway during a heavy rain.

Mayor John Tecklenburg wanted to wait until the city’s new stormwater manual was drafted before taking up specific development practices. Tecklenburg faces five challengers in the November 5 Mayor’s race. There are also six contested City Council races on the ballot.

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