Group seeks to honor all West Ashley High seniors

Group seeks to honor all West Ashley High seniors
April 26 14:30 2020 Print This Article

A group of past, present and future West Ashley High School (WAHS) baseball team moms organized a Facebook page designed to honor all 350 graduating seniors in the school’s Class of 2020. Rachel Henderson, Jenn Osteen, Kim Johnson, Katie Brown, Traci Dunn, Stacey Cooke, Valerie Scott, and Tiffany Murray created the Adopt-a-Senior West Ashley page to enlist sponsors for each of the 2020 graduates. Launched on April 23, the group already has more than 600 members to date, and 112 seniors already have sponsors.

Henderson wrote on the Facebook page, “This program was designed to celebrate our seniors at West Ashley High School during this unprecedented time of quarantine and school closures.” Sponsors are asked to shower their “adopted” student with gifts and encouraging messages during the next six weeks to have a positive impact on the students and create lasting memories.

The challenge for Adopt-a-Senior is to get all parents or guardians to submit the names of their students, at least two pictures, and a brief description of the things the students were involved in at the school. Student information should be sent to When the the information is available, the organizers put the information up on the Facebook page and individuals or businesses may agree to sponsor the student. The students fill out a brief survey describing foods and beverages they like, what their interests are, and what their plans are after high school. Amazon has a feature called AmazonSmile Charity Registry where students can request certain gifts and receive them without revealing their addresses.

Osteen notes that many WAHS teachers and coaches have already signed up as sponsors, some to multiple students. She says this program will have a lasting impact on the West Ashley community and is aligned with the school’s motto, Unite The West.