Intolerant Democrats want to shut down free speech

Intolerant Democrats want to shut down free speech
October 28 14:06 2017 Print This Article

The Citadel Republican Society announced Thursday that Steve Bannon, a former advisor to President Donald Trump, was going to be the featured speaker at its annual Patriots Dinner on November 10. Local Democrats immediately lashed out at the decision.

Charleston County Democrat Chairman Brady Qurik-Garvin made the statement, “Bannon is an unabashed white nationalist and racist, and he is not welcome in Charleston.” No local media outlet asked Quirk-Garvin to defend his characterization of Bannon or define what a white nationalist is. The Democrat has also compared Bannon to Adolf Hitler.

The Post and Courier newspaper, to its credit was the only media outlet which gave Charleston Republican Chairman Larry Kobrovsky an opportunity for a complete rebuttal. Kobrovsky responded, “There is so much noise about  who or what (Bannon) is. Let the guy speak and let people draw their own conclusions. To suggest that the guy shouldn’t come and speak is repulsive.”

Cameron Brown, President of The Citadel Republican Society told The Post and Courier, “I respect Mr. Bannon’s courage to stand up for what he believes in and to represent the hopes of millions of Americans of every race and socio-economic background who feel their government has forgotten them.”

There was little media coverage of an appearance by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who recently made incendiary remarks at the Orangeburg County Democrats Annual Cook-off. Referring to President Trump, Waters called him “the most despicable, dishonorable human being this country has ever seen.” There were no Republicans there to protest or say she shouldn’t be have the right to speak.

Bannon is the architect of Trump’s America First agenda, which rejects international treaties like the Paris Climate Accord which put American workers at a global disadvantage and encourages policies which keep American manufacturers from shutting down factories and relocating to other countries.