Kobrovsky re-elected as Charleston County GOP Chair

Kobrovsky re-elected as Charleston County GOP Chair
April 20 21:34 2017 Print This Article

Larry Kobrovsky was elected to a second term as the Chairman of the Charleston County Republican Party at the party’s bi-ennial County Convention at Orange Grove Charter School Thursday. He was unopposed. The other party officers elected were Maurice Washington, Leah Whatley, Nikki Claibourn and Mark Hartley.

Kobrovsky cited his push to make the party more inclusive as a major accomplishment. He also spoke of the numerous party-building activities which occurred under his watch, including primary and general election debate watch parties, and the record high turnout for the GOP Presidential primary in Charleston County in Feb. 2016.

Gov. Henry McMaster addressed the audience and stated his opposition to increasing the tax on gasoline and diesel fuel. He said, “I’ve never been to a Republican Party meeting and have people tell me they want to raise taxes on the working people.” He added his desire to reform the South Carolina Dept. of Transportation and the State Transportation Infrastructure Bank and to streamline the state regulatory system.

Rep. Mark Sanford also spoke at the convention and expressed optimism for agreement on a healthcare reform bill. He said, “We had a food fight in the healthcare bill, and we will wind up with a better bill because of that fight. Let’s have a battle of ideas and let the best ideas win.” Sanford was one of the House Freedom Caucus members who initially opposed the American Health Care Act favored by Speaker Paul Ryan. The compromise plan will give states more determination on the insurance rules and the Medicaid program. The House is now in recess.

The new Charleston County GOP leadership team will be seated Mon., May 8 at 7 pm at North Charleston City Hall. Charleston County will send 62 delegates to the South Carolina GOP state convention Sat., May 13.