Letter to the Editor – Concerned parent wants more focus on neighborhood schools

Letter to the Editor – Concerned parent wants more focus on neighborhood schools
September 19 08:05 2018 Print This Article

I am writing in response to Lowcountry Source’s recent article,  CCSD’s Priorities Are with the Powerful, describing the recent state of affairs with CCSD rebuilding Stono Park Elementary. The district has set Stono Park up to fail from the beginning.  Once their arm was twisted to rebuild due to the outcry of the community, they still showed no support in promoting or respecting the Stono Park community.  One CCSD member was quoted the ground breaking ceremony saying, “It is important for each of you to advocate for the parents of this zone to now go to this school that you asked for.”  So here I am advocating!  CCSD, please do YOUR part in supporting and promoting Stono Park.  Instead, one of our amazing leaders, Principal Michelle Simmons, was offered a new administrative position at 75 Calhoun Street around the time of the rebuild decision. This leader developed a nurturing yet accountable environment for her students.  Someone this valuable should remain to lead the new school and the new students recently rezoned to attend Stono.  This shows a blatant disregard for the ordinary people who need leaders like Ms. Simmons in their lives.  I put her on a pedestal.  I am a 40-year-old white male who has a second and fourth grader attending Stono Park.  Both girls are excelling, regardless of being different on the surface (the school is 83% black and 8% white.) Yet, this is as black and white as it gets, and I am fed up! It’s time that resources and respect are given to those who benefit from them the most.  I have read article after article about charter and magnet schools that are segregating our children nationwide.  This is not an isolated incident.  As a community, we need to make our bubble smaller and look out for each other.  CCSD needs to do more to help neighborhood schools which are not in high income areas.

Concerned Citizen

West Ashley

Charleston, SC