Letter to the Editor – Landing supports limited government

Letter to the Editor – Landing supports limited government
May 21 18:59 2020 Print This Article

Letter to the Editor. Dorchester County resident Bob Menges offers an endorsement of 1st Congressional District Republican primary candidate Kathy Landing. Menges is retired from the U.S. Air Force and has taught Lowcountry home school students about the Constitution for 17 years. All candidates and their surrogates are welcome to submit letters to Lowcountry Source:

With the Republican primary just three weeks out, it is imperative to understand the ramifications for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. Democrat Congressman Joe Cunningham is coming to the end of his first term in the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives. Cunningham, who barely won the seat in 2018 in a Congressional District held by Republicans since 1981, has been voting in lock-step with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the most radical elements of the Democrat House. SC-1 should be considered ground-zero for Republicans in the effort to take back majority control, which heightens the imperative that we not make a crucial mistake on who we nominate.

I’ve been teaching Constitutional Law to high school home-school students for 17 years and have served as a personal Constitutional mentor and advisor to several House and Senate candidates over the past 10 years, including my friend Senator Tim Scott during his 2010 House campaign. About eight months ago, I was asked by a mutual friend to meet candidate Kathy Landing. I typically don’t go looking for work with candidates. I have a full-time job and a full schedule. However, my passion for constitutionally limited government under the rule of law always drives me during every federal election to find and assist the candidate who best fits the mold. With that in mind, I agreed to meet with Kathy and was impressed almost immediately with her genuine humility and her expertise in financial issues, something sorely lacking in most of the 435 members of the House of Representatives. Shortly after that meeting, Kathy asked me to advise her on the Constitution and limited government principles. Her request demonstrated her commitment to these principles.

I think it’s important to point out that very few candidates ever consider doing something like this. If we are honest with ourselves, we know how many times we have been burned by candidates who simply run for office. If they win, they quickly jettison all the lip service they gave about the Constitution. Anyone paying attention to politics knows exactly what I’m talking about. In Kathy Landing, we have a candidate who is taking time to sharpen her already keen Constitutional moorings in issues that are crucial to conservatives and our nation today. This is hard evidence to her commitment to being faithful to our Constitution. Kathy is not playing games – she is a solid constitutionalist who would view every vote as a Representative from that perspective.

Here is what makes Kathy the best candidate in the race – she is a solid constitutionalist and a financial expert (35 years experience as a Certified Financial Planner) who has a tremendous grasp of what would happen to our nation if we do not take action to stop the out-of-control spending taking place. Kathy’s financial expertise allows her to offer a vision for limited government and free market solutions beyond the typical candidate platitudes. She understands finance and free market economics more than the other candidates, because she has lived it every day for the past 35 years. We need members of Congress with varying expertise and command of our Constitution. Put these elements together, and you have a very rare candidate for Congress today. Kathy’s worldview, heart, intellect, and commitment to limited government make her the best candidate in the 1st Congressional District to take on our Leviathan federal government. I encourage you to vote for Kathy Landing by absentee ballot or at the polls in the June 9 Republican primary election.

Bob Menges