Letter to the editor – What the black community really needs

Letter to the editor – What the black community really needs
June 08 16:34 2020 Print This Article

This letter the editor was passed on to Lowcountry Source by Shannon Tuten from Aiken. It was written by her friend Calvin King from Tennessee about things everyone can do that would actually improve the lives of black people throughout America:

Dear Woke White People,

I appreciate your black squares on facebook. I appreciate your BLM signs. Thanks for protesting and all. I even appreciate you denouncing your eeeeevil white priviledge.

But if you really want to help…. know that none of that is actually helping.

BUT!!! You are in luck. This is what we need!

1. Attorneys. Public defenders have horrible track records.

2. Private Tutors. Public education oppresses more than anything on the planet.

3. Financial Education. An astonishing amount of us have no clue how to save money, invest, or budget.

4. Fatherhood. Explain the value your father gave you. The lessons. How you didnt want to disappoint him. Big problem.in our community.

5. Become a Social Worker. Majority of foster kids are minorities. Child services is overrun.

6. Become a foster home. Be a landing place for a little black.child lost.

7. Stop encouraging and participating in riots. They never accomplish anything. I mean… we are on riot number 30 or so…

8. Demand your politicians act. You put em.in there talking the same stuff you do. But do nothing.

9. Quit reminding us of slavery. Hearing everyday “yo great great grandfather was a slave and you ain’t ahit because of it…. kinda wrecks the soul. Jews dont talk about the holocaust everyday and Irish people dont talk about bad potato’s. They dont even talk about apartheid in south africa and that ended 25 minutes ago.

10. Teach one black child a week about the stock market, interest rates, checking accounts, credit scores, and such.

11. Teach one black child a week about business. How to open one. Run one. Business ideals.

12. Help one black man a week understand his value ad a father, a son, a brother, a person. Not as a symbol of oppression and fuel for an agenda.

13. Teach one black.kid a week how to tie a tie.

14. Teach one black teen girl the importance of self worth and sexual health. Believe in abortion all ya want… but far too many young black girls find themselves either at the clinic or at the welfare office.

15. Become a teacher. A good one. I STILL remember Mrs. Allen my kindergarten teacher. She had this way of making me feel like I could change the world.

17. Quit making excuses for black people. Systematic this oppression that. Just stop. It doesnt help. You dont teach your children to be victims.

18. Stop telling black children they can’t do things. Even if it were true you dont tell them that. They deserve every right to dream. Some of them will actually succeed. Especially if you follow this list.

19. Hold black people to the same standard you hold evil white people. The expectation of not being killed by a cop should be equal to the expectation a 46 year old man with a kid shouldnt be high on meth.

20. Help instill in one black child every week a sense of pride. Teach them how their ancestors overcame so much so he could succeed. Teach him he does not have to be a victim. Teach him he does not have to wait for white men to change their world to change his. Teach him to be confident and strong.

This is just a short list. But hell of a start. Being Woke is cool and all. Gets you a lot of facebook likes and clout amongst your other woke friends. But how bout some real

Quit being Woke and change the world.