Media legitimizes leftist grievances, ignores conservatives

Media legitimizes leftist grievances, ignores conservatives
January 21 11:58 2018 Print This Article

I attended the Women’s March Saturday in Charleston. What I noticed was the event was much less about advancing the well-being of women than in was a diatribe against President Donald Trump and his policies by various leftist coalitions, including Indivisible Charleston, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. The media coverage was mostly glowing, and a small contingent of conservatives with American flags and signs with positive messages was ignored.

The themes for the march were honoring the legacy of Septima P. Clark, a Charleston civil rights legend who promoted literacy and voter registration among African Americans, and “electoral justice.” Honoring the legacy of Clark is a most worthy cause. I asked event organizer Tameka Gadsden what “electoral justice” meant. She responded that “those on the margins” are disenfranchised in our voting system. She also took issue with my characterization of Indivisible Charleston’s clenched fist insignia as a symbol of Communism. You can even find that on Wikipedia, hardly a conservative site.  Self-avowed Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders used the gesture at his campaign rallies.

The conservative group gathered across the street from the Women’s March at Brittlebank Park along the Ashley River.  The group consisted mostly of women, wearing red, white and blue.  They held had signs with such messages as “This Latina voted for Trump”, “Our Constitution should be honored, valued and upheld”, and “we support our police.”  Dozens of people passing by to the rally site shouted vulgarities at them and hurled epithets about President Trump. All things considered, 2017 has been a great year for women.  Women over 20 have an unemployment rate of only 3.7%.  There has been a record number of small businesses created by females (with Linda McMahon at the helm of the Small Business Administration).  The Veterans Administration has added a variety of medical services for female veterans.  Sarah Sanders is the Whitehouse spokeswoman and former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, a mother of four, is one President Trump’s principal surrogates.

I did encounter many wonderful people at the event.  I met Leigh Wildt, a therapist with the group Thrive SC, an organization which provides transitional housing and holistic services for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.  South Carolina is consistently among the states with the greatest number of domestic violence cases per capita, and only 16 counties have shelters to protect the victims.  I met a high school sophomore who travelled 4 1/2 hours from Seneca, SC with her mother to attend the event.  She chose to do a video documentary asking people why they were attending.  Unlike the local media, she spoke with the conservative group.  There were also three young adults from the group Personhood SC who distributed a quiz about the stages of pre-natal development.

Free-speech is a wonderful thing, and something which sets America apart from nearly every other country.  I hope we can have meaningful discussions about how to improve education and stop substance abuse and domestic violence, rather than devolve into name-calling and epithets.  My hope for 2018 is that the media will stop accepting the talking points of the left at face value and recognize their readers and viewers who have a different point of view.