Moffly files charges against Postlewait to the SC State Board of Education

Moffly files charges against Postlewait to the SC State Board of Education
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On November 8, former Charleston County School Board member Elizabeth Moffly filed a formal complaint with the South Carolina State Board of Education against Charleston County School District Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait. Moffly cited several laws that she believes Postlewait violated.

Among the charges are:
1. Failure to submit her oath of office to the Secretary of State which violates SC Code Section 59-13-10. A school district superintendent has thirty days after being hired to file an oath of office with the Secretary of State.

2. Failure to file a Strategic Plan in conformance with state and federal mandates, violating SC Codes 59-5-60 and 59-8-1300, and state regulation 43-261. The Strategic Plan is to be developed with input from stakeholders such as teachers, principals, parents, and community members. Moffly alleges stakeholders were not involved in the process. Signatures of retired district employee Mary Runyon and CCSD 2016 Teacher of the Year Corday Borders are on the plan, although both say they were unaware of the plan and did not contribute to it. This is also a violation of SC Statute 16-9-10 to report fraudulent information to a state agency and SC Statute 16-17-41 to commit “conspiracy” as a contribution between two or more persons for the purpose of accomplishing an unlawful object or lawful object by unlawful means.

3. Rehired retired Chief Financial Officer Glenn Stiegman as a consultant. This is in violation of SC Code 8-13-755, which states that a former public employee must wait a year after terminating his or her public employment before being hired as a consultant.

4. Hired Charleston County Council member Henry Darby as the principal of North Charleston High School which violates SC Code 4-9-100, stating “no member of council shall hold any other office of honor or profit in government, except military commission and commissions as notaries public, during his elected term.”

Moffly’s aim in filing the complaints with the South Carolina State Board of Education is to have the board revoke Postlewait’s state certification, and therefore, end her employment with CCSD.

Robin Steinberger retired after 30 years from Charleston County School District as a high school special education teacher.  She is the education reporter for Lowcountry Source.  Please contact Robin at if you have tips to offer.  Your confidentiality will be maintained.

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  1. November 09, 18:54 #1 Kelly Newsom

    Elizabeth Moffly you are to be commended. Thank you for taking a stand!

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    • November 09, 21:02 Anonymous

      Darby is the Best he strives to do his best for the kids … The kids respect him an the changes he’s making at the school 🏫…

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  2. November 09, 22:08 #2 Ernie Drews

    Not a big Postlewaith fan, but Moffly is a bit of a busy body. Don’t you guys have enough problems in CCSD with out stirring this pot?

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    • November 10, 06:56 MaryEllen

      Our biggest problem is Postelwait and the boards unwillingness to do what they were elected to do.

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  3. November 12, 09:36 #3

    Why drag The Best North Charleston High School principal hire ever and the scholars benefiting from his leadership, into your personal war with Superintendent?

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  4. November 13, 16:34 #4 Anonymous

    Some people in glass houses should not throw stones! This individual is known for her antics.

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  5. November 14, 07:15 #5 Anonymous

    Some are saying “don’t stir the pot” or that she is a “busy body” for doing this but should we just accept the laws being broken and ignore it? According to some the answer is yes. I personally expect them to do what is expected and is within the law so I applaud Moffky and wish the others had the respect for the rules and process enough to muster the integrity and courage to stand up and do the right thing. Shame on anyone who thinks the laws and expectations should be ignored.

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