New leadership needed for school board

by John Steinberger | October 23, 2018 8:07 pm

In the business world, or even in college sports, leaders are expected to achieve positive results. If they fail to meet expectations, they are usually fired. That is how voters should view the Charleston County School Board. The incumbents on the 2018 ballot have failed to prepare most of the 50,000 students for the jobs in demand, forcing many employers to recruit from elsewhere. New leadership is need for our school board.

The Charleston County School District (CCSD) has a budget of more than $500 Million, but too much of that money is wasted on bureaucracy. There are more than 130 school district employees who make more than $100,000, while most teachers have no choice but to buy their own supplies. More than half of CCSD students failed to meet grade level standards in math and English on the 2017-2018 SC Ready scores[1]. Only 11.5% of the African-American 7th graders met or exceeded the state math standards.

It’s time for new leadership. Here are Lowcountry Source’s endorsements for School Board:

East Cooper. Sarah Shad Johnson and Jake Rambo. Sarah is the Mt. Pleasant Constituent District Chair with expertise in finance and law. Jake is a former CCSD principal and a strong advocate for students and teachers.

North Area. Vivian Sheppard Pettigrew. Vivian has 32 years experience as a teacher, trainer and administrator in CCSD and is a small business owner. She has expertise in finance.

West Ashley. Paul Padron. Paul was a successful principal at three different schools, with a proven record of innovation. He will ensure that every principal has the support needed to serve the students.

Get out and support our winning team. Our students and taxpayers deserve better – give us new leadership. Absentee voting[2] is underway at locations in West Ashley, Mt. Pleasant and North Charleston until Monday, November 5.  If you agree, share this on social media.

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