Parents stir up hornet’s nest over principal reassignment

Parents stir up hornet’s nest over principal reassignment
May 17 20:47 2017 Print This Article

The East Cooper District 2 Constituent School Board met with a packed house this afternoon wanting an explanation for the reassignment and subsequent resignation of James B. Edwards Principal Jake Rambo.

The entire Charleston County Consolidated School Board and Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait were on hand. According to  James B. Edward parent, Abbey Robertson, Constituent 2 School Board Chair Marti Belk gave “a beautiful speech supporting Rambo.” Belk expressed surprise about his reassignment and said the Constituent 2 Board was blindsided by the Superintendent’s action.

Parents went to the podium and not only expressed support for Rambo but also stated they were concerned and wanted answers. One parent from Pinckney Elementary said that Rambo was a whistleblower for bad management policies at Charleston County School District (CCSD), and the room erupted in applause.

Consolidated School Board Chair Kate Darby spoke. She stated that the contents of Rambo’s resignation letter issued on Tuesday were not true. A parent asked Darby if she was calling Rambo a liar, and she said she was not.

Superintendent Postlewait admitted that she handled the communication about principal reassignment poorly. Postlewait was greeted by hostile parents who demanded a better explanation for Rambo’s reassignment. Robertson stated, “She (Postlewait) is hiding behind a veil of smoke and mirrors by saying this is a personnel matter and no further explanation can be given.”

The James B. Edwards parents plan to attend the Consolidated School Board Meeting Monday at 75 Calhoun Street downtown. Those wishing to make a public comment must sign in by 5:15.