Postlewait announces 6-week listening tour

Postlewait announces 6-week listening tour
June 06 14:35 2017 Print This Article

Charleston County School District Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait released an end of school year YouTube video in which she promised to listen to school district stakeholders in June and July before submitting an updated strategic plan to the school board. Speaking on a teleprompter, she said, “Over the next six weeks, we will hold a series of sessions with teachers, parents, principals, business leaders, and community leaders. You can see the four-minute video here:

Postlewait admitted to implementing new policies too rapidly without getting feedback from school district employees and the general public. She said, “I have failed to adequately invite and involve your voices and your viewpoints” and vowed to make decisions based on the “full picture”.

There have been large protests attended by parents, students and teachers at the past two school board meetings centered around a teacher evaluation policy implemented more than half-way through the school year and the re-assignment of numerous principals without community input. There were also concerns shared about the new school district student discipline plan and the elimination of funding for in-school suspension proctors.

Postlewait cited a common goal to ensure that more Charleston County students are prepared for success and promised more clear and transparent school district communications. No schedule for the upcoming stakeholder sessions has been released.