Rambo blasts CCSD for creating atmosphere of fear and intimidation

Rambo blasts CCSD for creating atmosphere of fear and intimidation
September 21 20:12 2017 Print This Article

Charleston County School Board Chairwoman Kate Darby held a press conference on Wednesday at the Charleston County School District (CCSD) headquarters at 75 Calhoun in response to a group of concerned Charleston County citizens releasing an on-line petition asking the board to remove Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait.

Darby stated that removing Postlewait would cause instability in the district. She also addressed some of the 39 grievances in the on-line petition. One of most controversial moves made by Postlewait was the shuffling of about 25% of the principals in the district to new schools. Darby stated that principals are district employees, and it is Postlewait’s decision as to how the skill sets of each principal most benefit a particular school. Former Principal Jake Rambo of James B. Edwards Elementary School takes exception to this statement. Rambo was one of the principals being reassigned to a new school. He was told by the district staff that he was being reassigned due to test scores.

Rambo says, “I was unequivocally told my move was about student test scores. In fact, Associate Superintendent Terri Nichols actually approved a draft of a letter I wrote to parents explaining the transfer after she reviewed it with Postlewait. And my draft letter originally included the first reason for the transfer being test scores.”

Rambo further remarked on Darby’s statement, “This was the same lie fed to the public when Darby and Postlewait were questioned about my resignation at a Constituent Board meeting on May 17. In fact, Darby publicly and assertively stated the decision was not about test scores. This followed the same lie Associate Superintendent Terri Nichols told my school’s staff when she also said my move was ‘unequivocally not about test scores.'”

As for Darby saying the removal of Postlewait would cause instability in the district. Rambo responded, “What she fails to realize is CCSD is nothing short of erratic and unpredictable, with a Superintendent who leads through a culture of fear. If you don’t believe me, ask just about any educator around.”

Robin Steinberger retired after 30 years from Charleston County School District as a high school special education teacher.  She is the education reporter for Lowcountry Source.  Please contact Robin at robin@lowcountrysource.com if you have tips to offer.  Your confidentiality will be maintained.