Sanford holds Tele Town Hall

Sanford holds Tele Town Hall
February 15 21:32 2017 Print This Article

Rep. Mark Sanford spent 90 minutes answering constituent phone calls on Thurs. evening. He got a lot of calls about the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and also answered questions about regulatory reform, foreign policy, border security and government spending.

Sanford endorsed Sen. Rand Paul’s ACA replacement plan (S-222) on C-SPAN.  He cited low enrollment in the ACA insurance exchanges and the rising cost of premiums (29% increase in South Carolina for 2017) as the reasons replacement is needed.  He noted that only one ACA insurance policy is available in South Carolina and that many insurance plans have gone bankrupt nationwide because of low enrollment and high costs.

When asked if he favors disbanding the Environmental Protection Agency, Sanford said he favors keeping the agency but that the regulations should be approved by Congress rather than by the regulators.  He spoke of his support for the philosophy of President Theodore Roosevelt to conserve America’s natural resources.  On another call, Sanford stated that oil pipelines are safer and more efficient than railroad and truck transportation.

On tax reform, Sanford expressed that America’s current tax policy is not competitive with the rest of the industrialized world.  He said that legislation being developed by the House Ways and Means Committee would improve America’s competitiveness but that he opposes the provision calling for a 20% border tax on all imports on the grounds that it would harm consumers.

Sanford said he supports the construction of walls along our border with Mexico, stating that it is one of many means to achieve border security.  On the foreign policy front, he said he opposes American forces engaging in the Syrian civil war.  He noted that our military is not designed to be a long-term occupying force, as it has been in Afghanistan and Iraq.

On the controversial appointment of his South Carolina colleague Rep. Mick Mulvaney for Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Sanford said, “Mulvaney has a history of going after wasteful spending on both sides (political parties).”  He said that America’s national debt, which now stands at $19.9 Trillion, poses a threat to the economy and national security and that America will experience “calamitous times” if the issue is not dealt with soon.

Sanford will hold an in-person Town Hall Sat., Feb. 18 at 9 am at Mt. Pleasant Town Hall, located at 100 Ann Edwards Ln.