Sanford to explore funding for Church Creek Basin projects

Sanford to explore funding for Church Creek Basin projects
March 23 16:12 2018 Print This Article

Congressman Mark Sanford said Friday that he would explore federal funding options for the projects outlined in the Church Creek Drainage Basin Study. The study report outlined seven engineering upgrades to improve drainage in the flood-prone West Ashley basin, totaling about $44 Million. Sanford serves on the House Budget and Transportation committees.

Sanford was among the 25 House Republicans who voted against a procedural motion Thursday to bring the $1.3 Trillion “omnibus” spending bill to a vote. The measure carried by a 211-207 margin. He also voted against the bill itself, noting that members only had 16 hours to read the 2200 page document (if they stayed up all night reading it). He said, ” Everyone who voted for it didn’t know what was in it.” President Donald Trump signed the spending bill into law Friday, even though it didn’t fully fund his signature border wall issue and other immigration measures he sought.

Sanford noted that House Leadership violated its own “3-day rule”, which requires that members have at least three days to review legislation before voting on it. The spending bill was approved with no committee hearings or debate and funds the federal government until September 30. Sanford likened the process to the 2010 vote on the Obamacare legislation when Speaker Nancy Pelosi infamously said, “You have to vote for it to find out what is in it.”

Saturday, Sanford will attend the commissioning ceremony for the guided missile destroyer USS Ralph H. Johnson, named after a Charleston native and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. Johnson, while serving in Vietnam with the Marines, dove onto a grenade, saving the lives of others in his unit. Sanford said, “When I read about his sacrifice, it is truly amazing. It will be great to memorialize a Charleston native and a real hero.” The Charleston Veterans Administration hospital already bears Johnson’s name.