Sanford warns of pending debt crisis

Sanford warns of pending debt crisis
November 20 12:36 2018 Print This Article

Outgoing Congressman Mark Sanford warns of a pending debt crisis, which could create havoc in the stock markets and the American economy. In an exclusive interview with WTMA host Charlie James, Sanford said that Congress has never addressed spending restraint. The national debt currently stands at $21.77 Trillion and the annual budget deficit is $834 Billion. He said, “You don’t need to be in a car accident to know you need to wear a seatbelt.”

Sanford sponsored the Penny Plan to balance the federal budget in five years. The bill never even received a hearing in the Republican-controlled House. If the legislation in re-introduced in 2019, it is unlikely to advance with the Democrats in control of the House for the next two years. He noted that former Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mike Mullen called the national debt our greatest national security issue.

James asked Sanford how to get people involved with the Republican Party when Republicans are being ridiculed in the media. He cited a recent statement by liberal cable commentator Kirsten Powers suggesting that women who support President Donald Trump are racists. Sanford said that Republicans will have to sell their core beliefs to attract millennials and suburban women to the party.

When asked about his political future, Sanford told James, “It’s been a long run, and I’ve tried to advocate for the taxpayers. It’s over for me now.” Sanford was first elected to Congress in 1994, served three terms and later became a two-term Governor. He resurrected his political career in 2013 by winning a special election for the 1st Congressional District seat he had previously held. He suffered his first political loss when Katie Arrington defeated him in the June 2018 primary.