Sanford’s record makes him clear choice

Sanford’s record makes him clear choice
June 10 14:06 2018 Print This Article

Like many, I get annoyed when Representative Mark Sanford blasts President Trump on cable TV. However, his record tells me he is always a reliable conservative vote in the House. Sanford received scores of 91 or higher from Heritage Foundation, Club For Growth, American Conservative Union and Conservative Review. He was one of only six House members to receive a FreedomWorks score of 100.

Sanford’s membership in the House Freedom Caucus is another reason to keep him in Congress. The group of about 40 conservative caucus members hold the big-spending tendencies of Speaker Paul Ryan and his leadership team in check. Sanford and his Freedom Caucus allies nixed a Ryan healthcare bill which would have caused health insurance premiums to increase.

Sanford has also sponsored legislation which would lead to a balanced federal budget within five years. The Penny Plan calls for a 1% reduction in federal spending each year for five years and places a cap on federal spending after a balanced budget is achieved. He also sponsored a bill which would make it easier for FEMA to purchase homes which have sustained repeated flooding damage, a common problem in the Lowcountry.

Two other strengths for Sanford are his transparency and accessibility. He sends out weekly updates on legislation being considered and detailed explanations for his reason behind votes on controversial issues. He regularly attends the various Republican Club meetings throughout his district and even conducts impromptu drop-in meetings at local shopping centers and restaurants and stays until all constituent questions have been answered.

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  1. June 10, 21:59 #1 Deborah Streetman

    Sanford votes with the taxpayer in mind. Why change something that works?

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  2. June 11, 13:08 #2 joe Kavanagh

    Why does Fema want to purchase homes which have sustained repeated flooding damage?

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  3. June 11, 13:51 #3 Anonymous

    I am 100% in agreement. “If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it.” Sanford is well educated on the legislation put before him unlike many who don’t even read it but vote party. He votes based on what is financially sound and in the best interests of his constituents and that is called ” doing your job” and what we elected him to do!

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  4. June 11, 14:51 #4 John Steinberger

    We have hundreds of homes in West Ashley which have flooded three or more times since 2015. The repairs cost the National Flood Insurance Program more than the homes are worth.

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