SC 7 and SC 171 intersection comments due June 30

SC 7 and SC 171 intersection comments due June 30
June 24 14:03 2019 Print This Article

Public comments for the SC 7 and SC 171 Intersection Project are due Sunday, June 30. There are three options given to respondents for the busy West Ashley intersection, which has 47,000 cars pass through daily – Alternative 1, Alternative 2, and No Build. Lowcountry Source endorses the No Build option.

Alternatives 1 and 2, proposed by Charleston County transportation officials, both restrict car access into the Orange Grove Plaza, Northbridge Plaza and Ashley Landing shopping centers by putting up barriers to eliminate left turns. They also would remove parking capacity through eminent domain by building bicycle and pedestrian paths in existing parking lots. A similar traffic scheme on Coleman Boulevard in Mt. Pleasant has significantly harmed businesses in Moultrie Plaza, according to Mayor Will Haynie. Northbridge Terrace residents also believe the two proposed designs will turn their neighborhood into a cut-through zone.

The proposed designs could be playing into the recommendations of the West Ashley Master Plan, adopted by Charleston City Council in early 2018. The plan, available at and at the Cynthia Hurd Regional Library reference desk, called for high-density apartment complexes from Citadel Mall to the Northbridge. Our existing suburban shopping centers are ridiculed in the master plan. If local businesses lose customers due to the SC 7 and SC 171 designs, they could shut down. The shopping center owners could be forced with the option of selling their properties to apartment developers.

Make your voices heard at before the June 30 deadline. Closing our shopping centers and replacing them with high density apartment complexes could damage our quality of life and our suburban lifestyle.