School board sets short-term strategic goals

by John Steinberger | November 27, 2018 10:37 am

The Charleston County School Board passed a set of short-term strategic goals Monday. A press release sent out by the school district states, “The goals outlined and approved help to ensure that CCSD programs and instructional models prepare students for 21st Century local and global job markets and opportunities. Goals such as these put student learning and well-being first in every decision made.” The goals incorporated some of the recommendations from the AdvancedEd Accreditation Review, the Clemson Inclusion and Equity study, and the community-based Charleston Shared Futures project.

Among the proposed goals are increased training and curriculum support for reading and math, greater support for underserved students and expanded career programs. Another goal was to determine the optimal school size for the delivery of a high quality curriculum, a measure which could lead to the consolidation of small schools.

In other school board business, Eric Mack was elected chairman and former chairwoman Kate Darby was elected vice-chair.

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