Sheriff Al Cannon will keep Charleston County safe

Sheriff Al Cannon will keep Charleston County safe
September 26 11:29 2020 Print This Article

In light of the civil unrest we have experienced in Charleston and witnessed around the country, public safety and security is among the top issues in the 2020 election cycle. Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon has proven for decades that he will enforce the law while respecting residents’ 1st Amendment rights of free speech and peaceful assembly. He was Sheriff in 1989 in the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo and prevented looting, violence and property destruction throughout the county.

Sheriff Cannon’s less experienced Democratic opponent is on record for opposing the standard riot control measures needed to keep the peace. Following the Charleston riots on May 30, she wrote, “I have watched in disbelief and great sadness as law enforcement across the country and here in Charleston are using aggressive and provoking tactics against largely peaceful protests.”

If you saw images of the smashed windows, gunshots, and looting on Upper King Street on May 30, you know that a lot of lives were threatened and property destroyed. Sheriff Cannon deployed his deputies and technology assets on May 31 to ensure that the streets of downtown Charleston remained safe.

We all have an expectation to be secure in our homes, our workplaces, and other venues we choose to visit. Public safety and security are vital to a strong economy. Sheriff Al Cannon is a proven leader who will always enforce the law and keep Charleston County safe.