Superintendent’s evaluation procedures questionable

Superintendent’s evaluation procedures questionable
November 29 16:33 2017 Print This Article

The results of Charleston County School District (CCSD) Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait’s evaluation were shared by the School Board at its meeting Monday. Postlewait’s overall rating for the evaluation was that she “met” expectations. There were 12 areas included in the evaluation form created by the Superintendent. Board members were asked to rate her performance in each area with one of the following scores: 4 – exceeds (expectations), 3 – met, 2 – partially met, 1 – not met. This is the first evaluation for Postlewait since she was hired in July 2015.

The nine board members turned in their evaluations in to Chairwoman Kate Darby, and they were allegedly scored by Charleston County School District (CCSD) staff. The standard procedure for such evaluations is to turn the forms over to a law firm from an outside community to avoid the appearance of bias in the scoring.

School Board Member Rev. Chris Collins objected to the way Postlewait’s evaluation was handled. He said, “The Superintendent basically wrote her own evaluation and graded it herself.” Collins also questions Postlewait’s effectiveness stating, “There is no plan whatsoever to improve academics in this district.”

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