The performing arts are coming to Citadel Mall

by John Steinberger | March 11, 2019 8:23 am

Citadel Mall has undergone a lot of transformation in recent years. The Flip Gym gymnastics studio, OutSlide In playground, and the Tattooed Moose restaurant opened their doors in 2018. Sears closed and has been converted into a film studio. MUSC is installing an outpatient clinic[1] in the former J C Penney space. Coming soon to Citadel Mall – the Charleston Performing Arts Center (known as C-PAC).

C-PAC is moving into a 6600 square foot space vacated last year by Palmetto Moon. The performing arts venue now occupies a 2400 square foot facility on James Island. The larger space, the Citadel Mall location and the abundance of free parking are among the reasons for the move. The site was tested out in January with a sellout for the one-time showing of the musical Annie.

In addition to offering Broadway-style shows to the public, C-PAC also provides lessons in singing, dancing and drama for children 7 and older and adults.

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