Time to start an anti-litter ad campaign

by John Steinberger | February 21, 2019 3:48 pm

It has been nearly three months since Charleston City Council passed an ordinance banning the use of carry-out plastic bags, plastic straws, and styrofoam containers. The ordinance won’t completely take effect until December 1 of this year. Meanwhile, why not call for an anti-litter ad campaign?

The award-winning anti-litter public service ad sponsored by Keep America Beautiful in the 1970s has a profound impact on me to this day. The ad featured a Native American canoeing down the river and shedding a tear when he spotted litter clogging the river bank. The ad showed someone throwing trash out of a car window, landing at the feet of the Native American. It made everyone aware of the impact of bad behavior.

With all of the creative people in the Charleston area, surely someone can produce a gripping anti-litter ad showing people throwing trash into our beautiful marshlands. A new wrinkle could show boaters littering. It happens every day. Even without receiving plastic bags at grocery stores or take-out restaurants, what will keep people from throwing out plastic bottles, wrappers, and six-pack holders? It is the bad behavior of littering that really needs to be addressed. Let’s keep Charleston beautiful!

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