Transatlantic sailboat race to punctuate Charleston’s 350th anniversary

by John Steinberger | July 20, 2019 2:06 pm

The 60th annual Transatlantic solo sailboat race, known as Transat[1], will conclude in Charleston in May 2020. It will be a major event in Charleston’s 350th anniversary[2] celebration. The event was a major topic at Charleston City Councilman Peter Shahid’s monthly Coffee and Conversation with Peter gathering at Charles Towne Landing.

Transat, which is expected to have about 40 entrants, will launch in Brest, France. The racers will arrive in Charleston in as little as eight days. The event will bring lots of media attention to Charleston and its 350 years of history.

Charleston’s 350th anniversary celebration will begin in April 2020 at Charles Towne Landing, the site where the first British settlers landed. It will conclude in November near the Charleston Exchange building. The celebration will include plays, musical presentations, story-telling, visual arts, and many other cultural activities.

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