Trump poised to do end run around Obamacare

Trump poised to do end run around Obamacare
October 08 17:04 2017 Print This Article

After getting rebuffed by Senate Republicans in an attempt to legislatively repeal Obamacare, President Donald Trump is poised to sign an executive order which will enable millions of Americans to find less expensive health insurance. It is expected that he will adopt a policy allowing the formation of Association Health Plans, which is advocated by his former Republican primary rival, Sen. Rand Paul.

Association Health Plans enable trade and professional groups to form health insurance co-operatives, which would allow members to purchase insurance across state lines. Groups of plumbers, carpenters, welders, realtors, churches, small business associations and non-profits like the National Rifle Association would all be eligible to participate in the plans. The measure is opposed by the health insurance industry, which enjoys near-monopoly status within the states.

Paul remarked, “The health care debate is not over. Conservatives are still fighting for free-market reforms in the health care system. I am excited to be working with President Trump on this initiative.”

There is already another health coverage plan which operates outside of the Obamacare regulations called Christian Medi-Share, which has been in existence since 1993. The plan allows members to create personal medical savings accounts with a variable Annual Household Portion, which requires monthly payments. The system operates under the biblical principal of sharing with others in need. If a family or individual has contributed $400 in a given month and has no medical expenses, the $400 would be contributed to another account for those in need of medical services. The members are given contact information whenever a transaction takes place. The fund is administered by a $2 per month fee paid by the members.

Christian Medi-Share members agree to abstain from tobacco and illegal dugs, avoid abusing legal substances and to not have sex outside of traditional Christian marriage. The plan has paid for all members’ medical expenses since its formation, including cancer treatment. You can learn about it here:

President Trump was elected largely based on his philosophy that the federal government was broken because its bureaucracies do not meet the needs of the American people and costs too much. His plan to enable millions of people to escape the spiraling costs of health insurance is consistent with that philosophy.