Turning Point USA encourages free speech on campus

Turning Point USA encourages free speech on campus
October 07 19:31 2019 Print This Article

College of Charleston has a Turning Point USA chapter, a conservative student group that encourages free speech on campus. Many college campuses have a hostile attitude toward conservative groups. A recent meeting at C of C began with a Praeger U video on tolerance. The emphasis was on the free exchange of ideas among those who view the world differently. There were several left-leaning students in attendance who expressed their views and were respected by the Turning Point group.

The guest speaker at the meeting was Gabriel Nadales, who is an officer and campus speaker at Leadership Institute. Nadales admits that he once hated America and was part of the violent hate group Antifa. A Mexican immigrant who came to America in 2004, he said he learned to hate America by watching Spanish television channels Univision and Telemundo.

Nadales said Antifa uses “direct action” to intimidate conservatives, who the group views as an enemy. Its objective is to silence the opposition through fear tactics and violence. People in the group wear masks, shout people down, and beat them with clubs. The tactic is called “de-platforming.”

The beginning of Nadales’ transformation was reading his economics textbook. It prompted him to question why he viewed corporations and free enterprise as hostile to his way of life. He began reading conservative websites and submitting e-mail questions. A representative at Leadership Institute responded to him, and Nadales was impressed that he was so tolerant and. respectful. They became friends, and Nadales would up leaving Antifa and founding a Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Citrus College in California. He went to work for Leadership Institute after graduation and speaks to campus groups, mostly on the West Coast. He wants to mentor and encourage students with similar backgrounds and promote tolerance and free speech.